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Eco friendly gifts

If you make a habit out of giving eco friendly gifts to newlyweds, chances are that you will become one popular gift giver. The reason for this is because people are used to getting the same old gifts like crock pots and photo frames. An eco friendly gift will be something that is remembered.

Some of the things to think about when choosing eco friendly gifts include:

• Look at recyclable materials – There are a large amount of pieces of dinnerware, glassware, lamps and other items that are made from recyclable materials. These items show that eco friendly gifts can be both beautiful as well as environmentally-friendly.

• Handcrafted items are nice – If you are able to purchase handcrafted items, you will find that these are eco friendly gifts thanks to the fact that they are not mass produced in large factories that use all kinds of energy to create them.

The important thing to think about when giving eco friendly gifts to newlyweds is that it should be something that is useful as well as environmentally friendly. If the gift does not meet both of these criteria, you may want to consider continuing to look until you find the right gift that does.

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